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Diana is an actress and dancer born in Moscow, Russia. Her Armenian parents - mother a musician and her father an art dealer - immersed her in music and arts. She started ballet training at 4 years old, and at the age of 11 Diana made the decision to professionally pursue ballet, and she was accepted to the Ledyah College. At Ledyah, she evolved not only in dance but also in other art forms. 


While performing with the Imperial Russian Ballet Company (Nutcracker, Don Quixote, and many others), she developed her love of theater and acting - ultimately touring across many different countries. Diana eventually moved to her ethnic motherland Armenia - where she started taking professional vocal lessons, ballroom dancing, and acting.


In Armenia, reconnecting with the people and the country’s history taught her invaluable lessons and skills she brought with her into her acting and art. In 2018, Diana relocated to Los Angeles to train at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.






“Knowing my identity and where I come from in all the ways from my blood and history to where I was born and raised, was crucial to me, because it gave a whole another confidence, which helps me so much in life as a person, an actress and a performer. It would never happen if l didn’t move to Armenia. Everything that happens does for a reason, and I’m so grateful for every moment in my life.”