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Diana is an Armenian born in Moscow (Russia), who lived there for 15 years. Since her mom is a musician, and her father- art dealer and also a huge fan of music and arts, she was surrounded by all of that every day. As long as her mom remembers Diana was always singing along with tracks of Celine Dion and others. At 4 years old her parents let her try ballet, because they saw that she had a huge love for moving in rhythm. Her acting talent came through performing with the Imperial Russian Ballet Company in all different spectacles like Nutcracker, and Don Quixote. She even toured since the age of 8 in different countries. At the age of 11 Diana made the decision to professionally pursue ballet, and she was accepted to the Ledyah College. At her 4th year in Ledyah she decided to evolve not only in dance but in other art forms. She also decided to move to her ethnic motherland Armenia. There she started taking professional vocal lessons, ballroom dancing, and acting. Living in Armenia was a huge change in her life, because she discovered the long and winding history of her nation. She got to connect with people and see them as they are in many nations which helped her so much in learning about herself, instilling within her a whole new confidence. In 2018 she decided to take a huge step in fulfilling her dream by coming to Hollywood and going to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and pursuing her dream to start a career as a professional actress.  






“Knowing my identity and where I come from in all the ways from my blood and history to where I was born and raised, was crucial to me, because it gave a whole another confidence, which helps me so much in life as a person, an actress and a performer. It would never happen if l didn’t move to Armenia. Everything that happens does for a reason, and I’m so grateful for every moment in my life.”